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Pre-planed Road Trip
Itinerary Search

Best itineraries, 3-16 days avairable!

Planned by local road trip specialists.

Free of Charge

All you need is booking hotel/cars

Perfect day-by-day Driving map

with 15-20 spots and parking MAPCODE


Who plans these itineraries?

All itineraries are planned by the international Drive Japan team.
About us

How much does it cost to use the service?

There is no charge for this service. Since we only make a profit from commissions from the hotel booking sites and car rental companies you book with, we can provide you with itineraries and maps for free.

What is MAPCODE?

It is a number you can input to car navigation system (GPS) instead of an address. It does not guide you to the center of the sightseeing spot but directly to the nearest parking lot. It is more accurate than Google Maps and you don’t have to spend time searching for parking anymore!

  • 43 central Japan itineraries released

  • 45 winter Hokkaido itineraries released

  • Car rental reservations through Rentacar.com begin

  • 40 Kansai itineraries released

  • 29 around Tokyo & Mt.Fuji itineraries released

  • New 37 Hokkaido itineraries released

  • New 22 Kyushu itinearies released

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